Quality / Service / Reputation

servicing the motorsport and car industry

Langford Performance Engineering excels with high standards, excellent modern facilities, machinery, testing equipment, data logging, years of experience, specialist knowledge and attention to detail.

LPE's services and capabilities include:-

  • New build and re-build of all types of engines
  • Air valve technology & servicing
  • CAD
  • Carbon component manufacture
  • Computer controlled high speed dyno testing facilities 20,000 rpm
  • Concept and new product build and testing
  • Crankshaft design
  • Engine design, manufacturing and development
  • Environmental testing
  • Ideas screening & evaluation
  • Management & technical support for race series
  • Prototyping & pre-launch development
  • R & D
  • Race engine re-build and testing
  • Risk return analysis
  • Type testing and homologation
  • Torsional vibration analysis

The rapid introduction of new products to any company is crucial. LPE is an innovative and "can do" company which makes things happen.

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